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Sylvie Weintraub


While Sylvie may be the newest member of Vox Pop, she is no novice to the acappella world. 


Sylvie grew up in Duluth, MN, where she began her singing career in her high school’s acappella group, ToppSix. After falling completely in love with no-accompaniment vocal arrangements, Sylvie went to University of Wisconsin-Madison where she spent 4 years singing with the all-treble, 2022 ICCA Champions, Pitches and Notes. During her 4 years, Sylvie arranged, sang, held leadership roles, and became the group’s full time vocal percussionist by her second year, winning two Outstanding Vocal Percussionist awards in her ICCA competitions. Sylvie helped the group record 2 albums with songs that can be found on multiple Best of College Acappella (BOCA) albums. 


After graduating with degrees in Industrial Engineering and Economics, Sylvie moved to DC to become a Systems Engineering Consultant for the federal government, which led her to her current career with Deloitte Consulting. While she loves her job and city, Sylvie quickly craved a musical outlet once again and joined the DC-based young-professional group, Word of Mouth (WoM), before finding her place a few years later with Vox Pop. 


When Sylvie’s not singing and beatboxing with her music-nerd friends, she is road tripping across the country, traveling to get the perfect milky way or northern lights photograph, eating her way through DC’s amazing food scene, locating any body of water to be submerged in immediately, hiking 14ers in Colorado with her 5lb chihuahua, finding the nearest concert on any given weekend, doing every winter sport imaginable (she is from Minnesota after all), and spending time with her friends/family near and far.

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