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Pete Stein


Pete has been an avid singer since before he could even speak, when he spent his days incoherently singing the tune of the Barney song (an activity he still occasionally enjoys). This love of singing was institutionalized at the age of 12, when he joined middle school choir because his sister told him that girls liked boys who could sing. 

Pete first joined the wide, weird world of a cappella in college, where he sang with (and, for two years, music directed) Northwestern's Extreme Measures. He thought his a cappella days were over after he graduated, but once he heard the dulcet tones and sick beats of Vox Pop, he knew he couldn't stay away. 

When he isn't trying to aca-bop in a way that masks his astonishing lack of dancing ability, you can usually find Pete burdening rec sports teams with his unathleticism, obsessively watching bad action movies, or drinking outdoors (as in, places legally designated for that purpose, usually).

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