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Keshav Swaminathan


Growing up in a small city in Southern Ohio, Keshav always had a profound interest in music. In fact, he started playing violin when he was only 5 years old and currently feels adequate in 8 different instruments (Violin, Guitar, Piano, French Horn, Mellophone, Saxophone, Bass Guitar, Melodica) but he's always had a deep love for singing. Whether it was musicals in high school, singing in show choir, or just singing in the car he loved every minute of it. Then when he went to The Ohio State University for undergrad, he became a founding member of the All-Male A Cappella group "Buck That!" (heavy emphasis on the B). He competed in 3 ICCA competitions with the group and various a cappella contests such as "Sing Strong" in Chicago and even got to audition for the Sing-Off in Nashville. His love for A Cappella didn't stop there as he also formed a semi-professional group after graduating called "High Street 5" and they did various events, parties, and even sang for his sister's wedding cocktail party. 


Keshav first moved out to the DMV area to pursue his Master’s in Aerospace Engineering in the Fall of 2015 at University of Maryland and is currently working as a Systems Engineer for a.i. solutions developing and maintaining spacecraft trajectory software to assist in various NASA projects. While not coding staring blankly at a computer screen for hours on end, he hosts Kostume Karaoke at Solly’s Tavern (an OSU bar in DC). His outside interests include playing violin in orchestras, jamming out on guitar/piano, playing video games and playing D&D with his friends.

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