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Chris Little


Chris grew up singing in church choirs but did not fully understand his love for music until he was introduced to contemporary a cappella.  He went to James Madison University (partially because of their a cappella scene), where he was a member of the premiere co-ed group, The Overtones. During his time with The Overtones, Chris had the opportunity to serve on the executive board as Assistant Music Director and Music Director for successive terms. Once Chris started arranging, there was no stop in sight. While at JMU, he not only arranged multiple songs for other a cappella groups on campus, but he also completed a 120 voice arrangement for a university a cappella event, in which he was also a conductor. Chris kept his choral love alive and also performed with the James Madison University Choir and the select all-male ensemble, KOR. Since his college days, Chris has arranged dozens of songs; helping groups get CARA (Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award) nominations for Best Album(s) and Best Arrangement(s).

When he’s not singing with Vox Pop, you will likely spot Chris pumping Valyrian steel the gym, canvassing DC like a true Jennings, or the demogorgon has taken him to the upside down of Netflix! Chris could probably talk for hours about a multitude of shows but has a special place for Netflix originals and cooking shows, like Chopped or Cutthroat Kitchen. The quickest way to his heart is to share a doughnut and a witty 30 Rock and/or Arrested Development quote.

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