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Anna Fee


Anna was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.  She grew up singing in church choir and playing in her high school marching band. After moving to Northern Virginia in her teenage years, Anna discovered the amazing world of high school showchoir where she performed such gems as "In the Mood," "Stayin' Alive," and "Footloose."

Anna's love for a cappella music began at the University of Virginia where she sang with the Virginia Sil'hooettes. After graduating with a business degree, she realized that she didn't actually want to do corporate work.  So she joined Teach For America and moved to Houston, Texas to be a Fifth Grade teacher.  Following that, Anna taught abroad for a year. She then decided to get serious about her life and returned to Los Angeles to attend law school at the University of Southern California.  After clerking in Austin, Texas, she has now returned to Washington, D.C. to be an attorney for one of the many federal agencies in town. 


Despite the frequent changes to Anna's employment and residence, her love for a cappella remained constant.  She loved it so much that she founded two post-collegiate a cappella groups: The Sally Tomatoes in Los Angeles and the Austonettes in Austin, Texas.  Since moving back to D.C., she is ecstatic to be a member of Vox Pop.   

After an enjoyable day of practicing law, Anna relaxes by watching excessive amounts of TV. A self-proclaimed geek, Anna loves comic-book movies and her favorite show of all time is (the newer) "Battlestar Galactica." Other favorites include "Gilmore Girls", "The West Wing," "Veronica Mars," and (almost) everything by Joss Whedon. Anna also enjoys DIY projects, Peloton to de-stress, and serving as chauffeur/administrative assistant/party planner for her kids.

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